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The Estancia is located along route 215 km 51 in Brandsen, Buenos Aires. Since Estancia Monte Viejo is one of the historical references in the city of Coronel Brandsen, it has been declared “site of historical interest” by the Honorable City Council. Furthermore, Monte Viejo has become a member of the Tourist Excellent Quality Club, a distinction bestowed by the National Ministry of Tourism. It is situated at the heart of an area known as The Pampas which combines the cattle breeding tradition and the beauty of its landscape.
Monte Viejo is a typical cattle farm, framed in its original architecture dating from colonial times – even prior to a historical event known as “La Conquista del Desierto” (Desert Conquest)
Majestic gardens surround the manor house and 1858 barn stands out in the horizon. The large house has a big outdoor gallery framed by columns and looks onto a Moorish basin and the main gardens. It is an ideal place to relax and contemplate the immense and beautiful landscapes. Monte Viejo is a different class of Estancia where our guests enjoy the authentic and classical charm of a XIX construction and the premium quality and service XXI century visitors deserved to be welcomed with...
A refuge where comfort and style smoothly complement to make of Estancia Monte Viejo the ideal setting to make soul and body mingle in wellness.

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