• Master suite - Estancia Monteviejo


    01 de Septiembre del 2015

    Estancia Monte Viejo did open its doors as a hotel in 2012, after a wide remodelation of the historic house that dates back from XIX Century.
    As soon as the visitor walks in the Estate, he falls in love on the wide and old park that surrounds the hous, its huge camphor tree at the main door, the bird’s song that is heard during all the walk, hummingbirds hovering in what once was an old pool and today is a small pond inhabited by water lilies.
    Beyond the visual and sensory delight that estate transmits, the owner was able to understand that the house was the ideal place to recover and replay the troubled love stories of Argentine heroines of the past century. Courageous women who are part of  the country’ history, with its marked personalities they entered forcefully into the lives of men who shaped the destiny of the country. Surely, without the existence of these women, the history of Argentina would not be as what we know today.
    Following her instinct, she dedicates the four main rooms to Camila O’Gorman, Regina Pacini, Felicitas Guerrero and Mariquita Sánchez. This spacious and elegants rooms tells the story of these women. They talk through the stylish furniture and the decoration that  fills the air and transports guests to another era. The other 5 rooms are distributed in different buildings around the main house and are also dedicated to other argentinean  relevant women as María Josefa Ezcurra and Aurelia Velez, among others. 
    The main living room of the Estancia, El salón principal de la Estancia, chaired by an imposing fireplace that is lit in the winter months, it is the ideal place to spend unforgettable moments of conviviality sharing moments together with other guests. Under the camphor tree and the romantic garden gazebo private dinners are arranged, for lovers who want to add their own love story, to the stories of the heroines that fll the air.
    Estancia Monte Viejo has an area of ​​107 hectares, is located just an hour from Buenos Aires, in the Party of Brandsen. It is the ideal place to escape the daily stress of the city. A weekend with horses, golf, regional cuisine with local producs and relaxed atmosphere is the ideal place to recover any concerns and enjoy the time with friends and family.