• Master suite - Estancia Monteviejo


    10 de Agosto del 2016

    Only half an hour away from Estancia Monte Viejo, you can discover one of the most beautiful and full of history cities of Argentina. The Ciudad de la Plata, which owes its name to La Plata river and is definitely a place worth a day trip.

    The most important points of interest are:

    CITY HALL: One of the most beautiful buildings in La Plata is located in the Municipality. Separated from the Cathedral by Moreno Square. German Renaissance style, emerged from an International Project Contest, the winner being the German architect Uberto Stier School of Hannover. The works, which led the architect Ernesto Meyer, began in 1883 and covers the building, including gardens, an area of ​​14,400 square meters. Its main lounge -living Dorado- located on the first floor, which is accessed by a marble staircase , has Roman, French and Greek influences. The floor is made out of Slavonian oak, German stained glass and chandeliers, brass lamps and gather 78 kilos weight 1200
    CATHEDRAL OF LA PLATA: The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception is the largest Gothic Revival Temple of South America, which was build in 1884 and opened in 1932, coinciding with the fiftieth anniversary of the City, but it was not until 1999 that works with the completion of its two towers. Unmistakable and beautifully reddish bricks, has become the most distinctive symbol of La Plata. Its area is 7000 square meters, can accommodate 14,000 people, and measures 120 meters long by 76 front. Taken to the cross, the height reaches 97 meters, while the gleaming towers reach 112 meters. Founded in 1884, the Cathedral of La Plata is inspired by the Gothic cathedrals of Amiens (France) and Cologne (Germany).
    ARGENTINE THEATRE: This formidable cultural complex, home of the Opera and Ballet, is the old monumental axis and has a prose theater, exhibition halls, concert halls and opera hall with three tiers of boxes with capacity for 2200 guests.