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    Estancia Monte Viejo promotes Argentine polo

    28 de Octubre del 2015

    The Palermo Polo Open in Buenos Aires is the most expected event of the
    international polo elite.
    In this competition, which begins this year November 21st  and ends
    December 12th , the exhibition of the best game play from the best Argentine polo teams is guaranteed.

    Legend tells that the polo did actually start in Asia. where Chinese Ceramics have been found to prove this. In effect horse and rider drawn in the ceramic, stands in position to hit the ball.

    It was the British who exported it to Europe, having observed that it was a practice of the Indian upper classes in their colonies in the nineteenth century.

    On one occasion, the American citizen, Gordon Benet, was present at a meeting between an English team and one of
    coming from Jaipur.He was quite abduced for the game and did export it to his homeland, the United States.

    The game finally came to Argentina, through the English who moved to the country in the middle of last century.

    Argentina soon revealed as a hard opponent of British and North Americans in this game, making the sport, players and horses as
    a mark of prestige for Argentina.

    Not surprisingly, today the Palermo Polo Open is the most prestigious polo's appointment in the world.

    In the Estancia Monte Viejo, guests can take classes and practice polo as part of the activities organized , aiming to transmit the local culture to all visitors.