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    14 de Diciembre del 2015

    Argentina is one of the largest countries in the world and the descendants of indigenous were amalgamated with thousands of immigrants arriving from around the world.

    Buenos Aires is the big capital, an European city inserted in America. As a result of the immigration a music that identifies Argentina had born: The Tango.
    In the rest of the country there are some other musics linked to the original native, folklore, colorful costumes and beautiful music that transcends borders.
    But the most famous tradition in Argentina is culinary
    But the most known tradition in Argentina have to do with the food:
    Meat is the food par excellence. English breeds that provide the best beef in the world are grown up in the country. And the way to cook it is roasted. The roast is the typical food of Argentina : Asado
    Also very traditional pies, the most valued "empanada", which is a mix of meet with salt, pepper, onion and red pepper, all covered by a lid of dough made from flour meat.
    Dulce de Leche is also very traditional, which in Argentina accompanies most desserts, cakes and typical alfajores.
    The most popular infusion is the mate, which is prepared with ground leaf yerba mate and hot water. Mate is a symbol of friendship, unity, brotherhood.
    The great passion of Argentines is soccer. It is the most popular sport in the whole country.
    Also, because of the large fields throughout the country, sports Polo are very popular. Argentina has the best players in the world, and the "pato", which is the national sport, which is also played on horses, also known as Horseball.
    In Buenos Aires, the passion for the theater stands. Buenos Aires is one of the great capitals of the theater. The Colón Theatre is a national landmark for opera and classical music. Built in the late nineteenth century, its acoustics is considered the best in the world.