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    ARGENTINE LOVE STORIES : Felicitas Guerrero

    18 de Enero del 2016

    Estancia Monte Viejo, pays homage to several women who changed the history of the country, is the case of the Suite Felicitas Guerrero_
    Felicia Antonia Guerrero and Guadalupe Cueto, known to all as Felicitas, was named by the poet Guido and Spano "the most beautiful woman of the Republic". She was born in 1846.
    In 1862, when she was only 15 years and was beginning to shine in the halls of the society of the time, she was forced by his father, who wanted to assure her future, to marry a friend of him, Martin Gregorio de Alzaga, who was then 60 and was immensely rich. The wedding, which was an important social event at the time, was attended for the best of Buenos Aires, including one who was secretly in love with her, Enrique Ocampo, Buenos Aires son of a traditional family.
    The couple, who was not very happy, had a son named Felix Francisco Solano who died in 1869, when he was just 6 years old. Felicitas was pregnant but then again her second child died a few days after birth. Martin, who already had health problems, was very affected by the death of their children, and died a few months later in 1870.
    Felicitas, who was then 24, heiress of 71,000 hectares, with a fortune of more than seventy million, immense at that time, thus became the richest woman in the Republic. And also, young and beautiful. Among her numerous suitors Enrique Ocampo, now found a new opportunity to join his beloved.
    In one of her trips to her Estancia La Postrera, he was lost in the middle of a storm. Felicitas warned and stopped the carriage near some trees. A rider who, when she asked where they were, said "in my Estancia, which is yours" then approached. Travelers took refuge in the Estancia of Samuel Saenz Valiente, neighbor hers. So she met the man who, a field man, fell in love while educated and refined, very different from their locals suitors. Shortly thereafter, Felicitas accepted the proposal of marriage of Samuel.
    The January 29, 1872 he reached his palace Enrique Ocampo, asking for her. Ocampo asked to see her alone. Felicitas, suspecting that he came to complain about her commitment to Samuel, had not accepted, but was afraid of the scene that could occur if Ocampo was with Saenz Valiente and consented. Indeed, Ocampo reproached her future marriage to Samuel and she rejected him coldly. People gathered in the house heard a loud argument, followed by gunshots.
    Felicitas, badly wounded, was still alive. Doctors were called immediately, but could do nothing.
    His parents, in his memory, made build the Church of Santa Felicitas you can still visit in Barrancas.