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    12 de Abril del 2016

    Admiral Brown justified the fascination that water had to her little daughter Elisa saying that through the girl's veins ran the blood of ancient Irish sailors.
    She lived in England with her mother and younger brother William until 1813, when Admiral Brown, who had returned from Buenos Aires, took them back to the restive America. The family set base on the banks of Silver River.
    The government instructed to Admiral Brown, to organize the formation of the fleet in order to face the Portuguese. The Barrcas Brown's House became the usual meeting space for young seafarers surrounding Brown :, including Francisco Drummond. He was the youngest captain and the most handsome of the squad, with just 25 years old and blue Irish eyes.
    Elisa, who was roughly 16 years, captivated Drummond with its sweetness and innocence. The couple began making plans for the future. Those were times of emergency, wartime, when there was not much room for love, so Elisa began to sew and embroider her wedding dress.
    But there was still a battle to be won, and destiny wanted that Francisco was wounded in that. He had an artery cut, which caused fatal bleeding and courageous boy died in the arms of Admiral, which reached to kiss him on the forehead, the kiss that Elisa could not give.
    When Brown came home, he did not need to say anything. He gave Drummond's ring to his daughter, who put it on her finger without a word and without shedding a tear. Anyone hear his voice again after that night. By spring, Elisa began to cut garden flowers and throw them into the river during his long walks along the shore, watching the gentle waves absorbed as waters carried them inside.
    On December 27, at dusk, she puts on the wedding dress embroider with so much love, picked a large bouquet of flowers and walked slowly toward the warm waters. Arriving at the height of the Beacons Canal was carried away by the river. Her golden hair flowing dress and held her briefly, before sinking forever.